What is a strip heater used for?

Strip heaters are versatile heating elements commonly used for surface heating in various applications, such as heating tanks, hoppers, molds, and plates. They are also used in ovens, drying cabinets, and incubators, where direct heating is required. Their design allows for efficient heat transfer to flat surfaces, making them suitable for applications in industrial settings, […]

What is a silicone heater?

A silicone heater is a flexible heating element made from silicone rubber, capable of providing uniform heat distribution over a wide surface area. They are highly flexible and can be manufactured in various shapes, sizes, and wattages to fit specific applications. Silicone heaters are commonly used for applications requiring gentle heating, such as warming oil […]

Are silicone heaters customisable?

Absolutely, we provide custom heaters in silicone to fit unique requirements. They can be tailored for various shapes, sizes, and heating capacities, with options for integrated temperature sensors or thermostats for precise control.

What factors should I consider when choosing a heater?

When choosing a heater, consider the application environment, required temperature range, space limitations, power requirements, and whether the heater needs to conform to specific shapes or sizes. Additionally, consider if you require any custom features, such as integrated temperature control. If you need help deciding, don’t hesitate to contact us!